Steel screw piling solutions

Instant Foundations steel screw piles provide the Australian building and construction industry with a cost-effective solution to piling, underpinning and anchoring problems across a diverse range of applications.

What is an instant screw pile?

Instant Foundations screw piles are screwed directly into the earth without the need for excavation or pile-driving. They are suited for situations requiring compression and/or tension loads. Screw piles are currently being used for loads in excess of 150 tonnes and lengths up to 30 metres. Traditional excavating equipment is typically used to install screw piles which results in lower site establishment costs than in cases where specific piling machinery is used.

Substantial benefits**

In many cases substantial benefits are gained by using Instant Foundations screw piles compared to traditional piling methods. These benefits include speed of operation, vibration-free installation and greater profits. The system is uniquely simple and offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional deep foundation techniques.

Common excavation and construction equipment can be modified to install screw piles at low cost. The system is environmentally friendly and restricts potential damage to adjacent structures by eliminating vibration during installation.

The benefits include:

  • Manufactured in a quality-controlled factory environment
  • Provide a deep foundation system
  • Transfer building loads to stronger strata below
  • Are suitable for use in cohesion-less and cohesive soils
  • Are excellent for sandy soils with high water table
  • Can penetrate low-strength rock
  • Can be installed at any angle
  • Can minimise or eliminate building settlement / costly repairs
  • Very quick to install
  • Unlimited pile lengths (30m++)
  • No mess or waste (concrete/soil)
  • No earthworks required
  • Environmentally friendly – low noise
  • No vibration during installation
  • Continuous load capacity record
  • Significant cost savings
  • Segmented pile (limited head height)
  • Easy to install in access-restricted sites

** There are a wide variety of applications for Instant Foundations screw piles listed in the menu above.

Projects using our screw piles